Hey, I'm Denise; let's be friends.

I thrive on the intent to make you happy; to turn the worst moments you have into a moment of pure joy and laughter. Because when you’re captivated, it’s the most appealing thing I’ve come to witness from you.

Imaginer(s) Thriving

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theyre so cute she’s actually living the life i want

 they’re so cute i

I’m annoyed; someone be my friend

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Ships Yo



So I’m supposed to be doing SAT work but I wanna ship you guys instead because yay procrastination

Ok so

And you will get

  • A 5sos ship
  • A ship with another band member
  • A random song on shuffle

if this gets no notes it n e v e r happened ok

Still shipping!

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All I want in life is to take naps watch netflix, cuddle with some cats (or pretty people), and eat pizza or tacos like why can’t this just happen already. 

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